About Instalco

We are part of Instalco - Local proximity with the possibilities of the big company. Instalco is one of the Nordics' leading installation companies in electricity, HVAC, ventilation, industry and technical consulting. The business is conducted through local, specialized subsidiaries. Together we carry out planning, installations, service and maintenance of properties and facilities in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Instalco consists of a cohesive group of companies with strong local roots, specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the industry. We collaborate between our companies and between technical areas to be able to provide attractive overall solutions for the customer.

Instalco has a turnover of approximately SEK 14 billion and has over 6,200 employees in around 150 companies in the Nordics.

Multidisciplinary offer

Together, we combine specialist knowledge in several different areas under one roof.
Instalco's local subsidiaries offer, both individually and jointly, planning, technical installation, service, maintenance of properties and facilities in Sweden, Norway a…
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Stronger together

Local proximity with the big company's opportunities. Instalco is represented nationally in Sweden, Norway and Finland via some 150 subsidiaries with over 6,200 employees.