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Marine Environmental Solutions AB specializes in installation and retrofitting of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) and Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) and much more.


There are many things to think of when starting a new project. Since our experience has taught us well, we have a solution taking care of all matters in installation projects.

About Turnkey

Project management

Every company is unique in the way their workload is distributed over time. Sometimes a company might need a couple extra hands in their project management.

About Project management

Marine engineering

Designing new equipment for the marine sector can prove challenging.

About Marine engineering

Exhaust gas cleaning system

The ever-changing regulations makes a challenge for industries to adapt.

About Exhaust gas cleaning system

Ballast water treatment systems

We work with leading brands in Bilge Water Treatment System technology.

About Ballast water treatment systems

Service & repair

Since we are very knowledgeable in installing systems, we feel confident we can service and repair them too.

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When there’s a shortage of space we use our laser scanners for creating virtual environments to design your new equipment and piping in.

About 3D-CAD-PID

Drone inspections

With a drone we can inspect almost everywhere where humans cannot go.

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We are very knowledgeable in manning for projects and have done this multiple times in various industries.

About Manning