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Instalco Byggen 17 (1)


Every day around the Nordics, we at Instalco design and install electricity, heating & sanitation, ventilation and cooling in properties and facilities. With climate-smart installations, we ensure lower energy and resource consumption that future-proofs our communities.

We want to create a sustainable society by contributing what we can. That's why we install, for example, solar cells and more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heat pumps, geothermal heating systems, heat exchangers, cooling systems, LED lighting, sprinkler systems and charging stations. At the same time, we are involved in a number of air and water purification projects.

We help clients of construction projects to think about sustainability at all levels, and give the customer increased knowledge about what is possible to do from an environmental perspective in new construction and renovation.

Our projects contribute to schools, preschools, hospitals, nursing homes and other community-supporting functions being able to function every day, all year round.

Sustainability report

We are part of Instalco - Local proximity with the possibilities of the big company. Together we take responsibility, and jointly report on our sustainability work.

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Sustainability programme

Instalco runs the company-wide sustainability programme Sustainable Installations with three focus areas that aim to strengthen sustainability work in order to deliver world-class sustainable installations. Our ambition is to each day contribute to society through climate-smart and energy-efficient installations, which lead to lower resource consumption and thereby a more sustainable planet.

Our sustainability program focuses on three main areas that pervade the group's sustainability work:

  • Safe and developing work environment
  • Sustainable installations
  • Mature leadership


Sustainable Instalco Project

Central to the sustainability program is the certification system - "Sustainable Instalco project". In order for a project to become a Sustainable Instalco project, it is required that the project has undergone or fulfilled six set criteria.


Code of Conduct

Instalco has a shared code of conduct as well as policies and guidelines for, among other things, the environment, sustainability, and work environment, as well as a code of conduct for suppliers.

Instalco’s Code of Conduct